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You must be a Hopkins County Kentucky resident to compete in the Hopkins County Fair pageant. You must be single, never married, never had a child or had a marriage annulled.  If you have any questions specific to the Hopkins County Fair Pageants please contact the following:

Miss Hopkins County Fair Pageant (July 23rd, Midway Building 7:00 pm)
Misty Thomison  1-270-871-4964 Email or Laura McAfee  1-270-339-5411 Email

Miss Teen Hopkins County Fair Pageant  (July 24th, Midway Building 7:00 pm)
Melinda McGaw:  1-270-836-0693

Little Miss & Mister Hopkins County Fair Pageant   (July 25th, Midway Building 7:00 pm)
Kellie Miller:  1-270-871-6335

Miss Pre-Teen Hopkins County Fair Pageant   (July 26th, Midway Building 7:00 pm)
Alyssa Browning:  1-270-339-2654 Email  or Kathy Carver 1-270-836-6751  Email

Baby Hopkins County Fair Pageant   (July 27th, Midway Building 5:00 pm)
Tina Dillingham:  1-270-339-7199 Email  or Tonya Rickard 1-270-339-6308  Email

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Quick Contact Information

Fair Office:
Phone:  1-270-821-0950
Sissy Lutz Fair Secretary
Phone:  1-270-836-4617

Tent & Concession Rental:
Brian Jones 1-270-871-0088


Hopkins County-Madisonville Fair

PO Box 425 |  605 E Arch St
Madisonville, KY 42431
Phone:  1-270-245-2970

Directions to the Fairgrounds